Three New Beers Available From Salt Spring Island Ales

SALT SPRING ISLAND, BC – It’s been a busy fall for Salt Spring Island Ales, with a trio of new beers released in the last few weeks, and more to follow soon.

The three beers available now include:

Snug Pub-Style India Pale Ale

In days past, many British pubs contained a small, private room called a ‘Snug’, reserved for special clientele. Brewed in honor of the historic Snug Pub at Victoria’s Oak Bay Beach Hotel, this British-style IPA features a flavourful balance of crisp bitterness, delicate hop aroma and malty caramel sweetness. Bold, yet easy to drink, this ‘session’ IPA pays homage to the proud tradition of the public house. An excellent accompaniment to traditional pub fare, cured meats, spicy foods and sharp cheeses such as cheddar or gruyere.

Whale Tale Estate Hopped Amber Ale

Did you know we grow our own organic hops? We have a hop growing collaboration with 2 Salt Spring Island farms, with about 300 plants in total. Brewed with our own organic, estate-grown Mount Hood and Cascade hops (fresh & whole cone), this amber-coloured ‘Salt Spring Style’ Altbier is packed with flavour. Bold, with a pleasantly ‘green’ fresh-hop aroma and a nice bitter snap, this beer is balanced by the deep flavours of aromatic specialty malts. Honeydew melon & citrus hop notes backed by a caramel & biscuit malt finish.

Spring Fever Gruit Ancient Ale

Developed with the help of Salt Spring Island’s Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies and based on an ancient recipe, our ‘Spring Fever’ Gruit is made without hops – using locally wildcrafted herbs and a little ‘magik’. The beer was brewed on a full moon, which is said to bring out the potency of botanicals. A stimulating and refreshing beverage with bright, almost meade or cider-like flavours. This beer has a floral/clover nose a spicy herbal ‘twang’ and a slight fruity sweetness. A must-try beverage in a class by itself!

All three beers are available now in 650 ml bottles at select liquor stores in British Columbia.

Coming later this month from the brewery will be the return of the popular Fireside Winter Ale, followed in the new year by a Winter Gruit and two more seasonals to be announced.

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