Unibroue Declares December 21st 2012 To Be La Fin Du Monde Day

CHAMBLY, QC – In a clever twist on the myth that an ancient Mayan calendar predicted December 21st 2012 to be the end of the world, Unibroue has declared that date to be La Fin du Monde Day, named in honour of their beer of the same name which translates to “The End of the World”.

A website has been created for the occasion, which includes a countdown clock, a list of Fin du Monde events that will be taking place at various bars and pubs, an online shop selling souvenir t-shirts, and a printable PDF of The Last Toast Pledge:

I solemnly pledge
that at the stroke of midnight
on December 20th 2012
I will celebrate La Fin du Monde Day
by raising my glass
for one last gigantic toast
to the end of the world

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