Beau’s Bog Water Gruit Returns for Another Winter Run

VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has announced the return of Bog Water, a unique winter seasonal that is made using a local wild herb in place of hops.

The beer and brewing process is described as follows:

Bog Water is a gruit, a beer style brewed without any hops. In their place, Bog Water has instead a wild-harvested herb called sweet gale. Like hops the sweet gale is a natural preservative for beer, but offers up a milder bitterness, along with peppery, herbal notes. Brewed with a trappist ale yeast, the resulting style is complex, similar in taste to a Belgian dubbel.

The name of the beer comes from the fact that sweet gale is generally found growing in bogs and other damp areas, and is also known as bog myrtle.

Beau’s Bog Water will be officially launched for the season on November 29th, and will be available in 600 ml bottles selling for $4.35 at the Beau’s retail store, BYBO delivery service, and select LCBO outlets throughout Ontario.

Several other gruits will be released by Beau’s in limited and one-off batches throughout the winter, including pumpkin gruit called Oiseaux de Nuit brewed in collaboration with Dick Cantwell from Seattle’s Elysian Brewing that is expected to be available in mid-December.

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