CBC Music Reveals Fantasy 8-Pack of Canadian Band Beer

TORONTO, ON – Inspired by the BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout recently brewed by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in collaboration with pop-rock band Barenaked Ladies, CBC Radio host Grant Lawrence started the #CDNbandbeer hashtag on Twitter last month to post fake beer brands based on the names of Canadian bands. Like most pun-based hashtags, it had a brief lifespan, although it did manage to hit the top trending topics in Canada that day and got coverage in the National Post.

A few weeks later, the joke has gotten a second wind with the release of a Canadian Band Beer online poster on the CBC Music digital radio website. Crafted by the site’s senior designer Ben Didier, the poster features bottle and label designs for eight of the suggested beer brands, including Barley Rae Jepsen, Godspeed You! Black Lager and Nickelbock.

Click the image above – or here – to download a high res version of the full poster,

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