Two New Releases Announced in Nickel Brook Barrel Aged Series

BURLINGTON, ONNickel Brook Brewing has announced the release of two installments in the Nickel Brook Barrel Aged Series: Cuvee Spiced Strong Ale and Old Kentucky Bastard Bourbon Barreled Imperial Stout.

The two brews and described as follows:

Cuvee Spiced Strong Ale, 8.5% and 19 IBU, is a Strong Beer brewed with spices and fruits and blended with Bourbon Barrel aged Cuvee ale. The result is wonderfully complex beer which can be enjoyed now or cellared to let the flavours fully mature.

Kentucky Bastard Bourbon Barreled Imperial Stout is Nickel Brook’s Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. 10%  and 70 IBU, with rich flavours of chocolate and coffee infused with vanilla and oak from Bourbon Barrel aging; very rich and complex flavours.

Both beers are being released soon in limited edition runs of 750 ml bottles. Both will be available at the Nickel Brook retail store and select licensees, and the Cuvee Spiced Strong Ale will also be available at select LCBO locations.

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