Cameron’s Announces Limited Release for Two Barrel-Aged Beers

OAKVILLE, ONCameron’s Brewing has announced release details for a pair of barrel-aged specialty beers that will be available at the LCBO in limited quantities.

The first is Deviator Doppelbock Barrel Aged, a beer previously available in a limited run of 341 ml bottles at the brewery store, and now getting a slightly wider release in the 750 ml format:

Cameron’s Deviator Doppelbock Barrel Aged is a unique brew that is based on our previous award-winning Doppelbock releases. Doppelbocks are Teutonic-inspired dark lagers that feature imported German malt and were served by the Bavarian monks during times of fasting as “liquid bread.” This version of Cameron’s Deviator Doppelbock has been aged for six months in Kentucky bourbon barrels. This process lends to a smooth, toasted vanilla notes, layered upon the complex malty body.

Debuting at the same time will be Very Special Pale Ale (VSPA) Cognac Barrel Aged, a brand new beer described as follows:

Cameron’s VSPA is aged for six months in French cognac barrels. VSPA delivers a delicate fruity pear character, with an oaky flavor derived from long aging in toasted barrels. Cameron’s version of the pale ale style is brewed with warm fermentation with predominantly a British malt blend that is well balanced with specialty imported hops.

Both beers will be available soon at select LCBO locations, retailing for $12.95 per 750 ml bottle while supplies last.

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