Get Well & Duggan’s Collaborate on All Ontario Beers

TORONTO, ON – Brad Clifford and Michael Duggan – brewers from the recently opened nanobrewery in Toronto beer bar Get Well and the namesake Duggan’s Brewery respectively – have announced their collaboration on two new beers made entirely from Ontario-grown ingredients.

Brewed at Get Well several weeks ago, the first of the beers to be released is All Ontario Stout, which is described as follows:

Brewed with Ontario malts from Canada Malting, Hallertauer whole hops from a farm near Meaford, Ontario, Chico Ale yeast from a local Toronto brewery and (or course) Toronto water, to our knowledge it’s the only currently 100% Ontario brew available. In true nano-brew fashion we even roasted the Ontario barley ourselves in a pizza oven. The All Ontario Stout is brewed in the tradition of classic Irish Dry Stouts, 4% ABV and carbonated with a mix of CO2 and Nitrogen gas, it has a high hop bitterness alongside dark roasted grain flavours, light-medium bodied with a creamy sensation and dry finish. The high amount of Hallertauer leaf used for bittering also carries through into the finish with a notable hoppiness balanced with the roasted malts.

All Ontario Stout will be available exclusively at Get Well, which is it currently on tap. It will be joined in mid-January by an All Ontario Pilsner which is currently aging for release.

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