Beau’s Announces 2013 Edition of Winterbrewed Amber & Big Plans for FeBREWary


VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has announced the imminent return of a popular installment in the Wild Oats limited edition beer series, as well as plans for a number of new beers and events next month, which they have once again dubbed FeBREWary.

First up is this year’s edition of Winterbrewed Coffee-Amber, a coffee-infused amber ale made in collaboration with¬† Bridgehead coffee roastery. Made with a blend of Mexican, Guatemalan and Ethiopian organic fair-trade coffees, Winterbrewed is described as follows:

Malty, roasted, toasted flavours of coffee and barley meld with nutty, fruity inflections. The interplay is carried forward in the aroma, where caramel, peach and a touch of lime underpin fresh coffee and amber malt notes.

Winterbrewed will be released this Thursday January 10th at the Beau’s brewery store and delivery service, and will also be available at select LCBO locations later this month.

In February – or rather, FeBREWary – the brewery will be kicking things into high gear with seven beer releases, including:

  • Oiseau de Nuit, a pumpkin gruit brewed in collaboration with Dick Cantwell of Elysian Brewing in Seattle, WA. (Feb 1st)
  • An Oatmeal Gruit brewed in collaboration with beer historian Ron Pattinson, based on an historical recipe from the 1400s. (Feb 7th)
  • BogFather, the amped up version of Beau’s winter seasonal BogWater that was first available in a limited run of 1000 bottles in 2011, and is now back in a larger release. (Feb 15th)
  • An Imperial Pilsner that is the latest installment in the Beau’s Pro/Am Series of beers created in collaboration with award winning homebrewers. (Feb 21st)
  • This year’s edition of spring seasonal Beaver River IPA. (Feb 21st)
  • The return of Strong Patrick Irish Red, a previous Wild Oats release. (Feb 28th)
  • A new edition in the Greener Futures beer club series. (style & release date TBC)

In addition to releasing all of these beers, Beau’s will be holding and participating in many events throughout the month, including Ottawa’s Winter Brewed Festival (Feb 16th & 17th), a beer dinner at Urban Element in Ottawa (Feb 13th), a Brewers Breakfast in Vankleek Hill (Feb 24th), and a release party for the Pro/Am Imperial Pilsner at Toronto’s Get Well Bar (Feb 21st).

For more details of all of these beers and events, and more events to be announced soon, check the Beau’s website and Facebook page.

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