NSLC Moves to Shut Down U-Brew Operations in Nova Scotia


HALIFAX, NSCBC News reports that the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) has initiated court proceedings to shut down three businesses in the province that offer brew-on-premise services.

According to legislation implemented in 2011 by the Nova Scotia government, businesses that sell wine and beer making kits are not allowed to have produce alcoholic beverages themselves.

Three businesses – Wine Kitz Halifax, Wine Kitz New Minas and Water N’ Wine in New Glasgow – had been skirting the law by having customers start the fermentation process by mixing the ingredients and pitching the yeast themselves, and then storing the beer or wine for the customer during fermentation. This process is common and legal in other provinces, but in the court case brought against the three businesses by the NSLC, it is asserted that even the fermentation is not allowed to take place on-site.

The case is set to be heard in a Halifax courtroom today, and a verdict in favour of the NSLC’s position may shutter all three businesses.

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