Yukon Herbal Cream Ale Returning Tomorrow


WHITEHORSE, YKYukon Brewing has announced that one of its discontinued brands is returning with a slightly different name.

Originally available in the mid-2000s as Aroma Borealis Herbal Cream Ale, it’s now known as Boreal Forest Herbal Cream Ale.  In it’s original version, it was described as follows:

Aroma Borealis Herbal Cream Ale uses plants that grow wild in our pristine northern environment. This is a true cream ale – brewed as a lager, but fermented as an ale. It is common to use corn or rice as an adjunct in a cream ale, but our version is all malt – with a special Yukon herbal blend modifying these barley flavours. The unique combination of herbs makes this beer, we believe, the only one of its type. After you try some, you’ll wonder why somebody didn’t do this before!

Boreal Forest Herbal Cream Ale will be available for growler fills starting tomorrow (Friday January 25th) at the Yukon Brewing retail store.

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