Hop City Happy Hour Pale Ale Rebranded Big Mouth Pale Ale For Retail Release


TORONTO, ONHop City Brewing has released a second brand into the retail side of the market, and while it’s one that has been available on draught at bars and restaurants for some time, it has undergone a name change for its new format.

Previously known as Happy Hour Pale Ale, the beer has been relabelled Big Mouth Pale Ale for release in cans, as explained on the brewery website:

A beer with two names? Complicated, we know. Sometimes certain names aren’t technically allowed in some places so we’ve had to make some changes. Only to the name though. Sometimes it’s Happy Hour, other times it’s Big Mouth. Happy Hour because this beer is what every Happy Hour should taste like – balanced and refreshing. And Big Mouth because this is our most bitter beer at 48 BU’s. Two different names, same great tasting Pale Ale!

Hop City Big Mouth Pale Ale is available now at LCBO outlets across Ontario, retailing for $2.75 per 473 ml can.

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