Muskoka Announces Return of The Legendary Oddity


BRACEBRIDGE, ONMuskoka Brewery has announced the return of the Legendary Muskoka Oddity, an annual seasonal beer that was debuted last spring.

A unique Belgian-style spiced ale made using juniper berries, heather tips and orange peel, the Oddity has the following tasting notes:

The complexity of this brew is balanced by its freshness. The nose sets the stage for the variety of ingredients that mingle inside. The aroma is a touch sweet with a hint of juniper and citrus. First taste picks up on the juniper flavor, the sweetness of the orange peel and a dash of the heather tips. The finish is what makes this beer legendary.

The Legendary Muskoka Oddity will be released in corked and caged 750 ml bottles retailing  for $9.95 at select LCBO and Beer Store locations. It officially launches on February 15th Рalthough it is available now at a few retail locations Рand will remain in circulation until June, when it is retired for another year.

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