New Brewery Planned for Tatamagouche


TATAMAGOUCHE, NSThe Chronicle Herald newspaper reports that plans are in motion for the small village of Tatamagouche on the northern shore of the Nova Scotia to soon be home to the province’s newest craft brewery.

In a recent public sale of a former library building in the village, Hans Christian Jost of the family-owned Jost Vineyards submitted a proposal to purchase the building and convert it to a small brewery focused on serving the local community. His proposal, which included an offer of $36,000, was accepted over three others.

According to the municipality’s chief administrative officer Bruce Purchase, even though Jost’s proposal wasn’t the highest price offered for the property, it was chosen due to it being best suited to the council’s land use plans .

Jost told the paper that the brewery is still in early planning stages. “We’d have to be able to prove that it would be sustainable,” he said. “Everything has to be sustainable, both environmentally and economically.”

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