Flying Monkeys The Matador Imperial IPA Heading for LCBO


BARRIE, ONFlying Monkeys Craft Brewery is preparing to follow up the BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout released via the LCBO late last year with another limited edition beer that will be available at the Ontario liquor store chain.

The Matador Imperial IPA, a 10% abv & 88 IBU cedar-aged ale created for the 8th anniversary of Flying Monkeys, is described as follows:

As an Imperial IPA, The Matador is full of drama and colour playing to the expectant passions of true beer aficionados. Fresh aromas of sweet cedar wood smolder in the warmth of this beer’s 10% ABV while Amarillo hops give this Imperial IPA astounding citrus flavours pushing its bittering to a solid 88 IBUs. The Matador is an artisanal beer truly worthy of Imperial status. Olé!

The Matador will be available soon at select LCBO outlets in boxed 750 ml bottles. The size of the edition and price point are still to be confirmed.

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