New Wesbite Aims To Be “Local Beer Museum” For Victoria’s Craft Beer Community


VICTORIA, BC – A group of craft beer drinkers in Victoria has launched a website that they are calling a “Local Beer Museum” for the city’s ever growing brewing scene.

Victoria Beers was founded by photographer Matt Schmitz, and is designed to be a collection of photos and information of every beer bring brewed in Victoria today, with an aim to eventually detail the full history of brewing in the city.

One thing the site is not is an archive of beer reviews, as made clear on the site’s About page…

We do our best to maintain what we call a “Brew Neutral” approach. Every beer is displayed and photographed exactly the same as every other, allowing each beer stand on its own. You won’t find any reviews, comments or opinions about beers. With our “No raggin’ and no braggin’” policy, the beers are simply on display for all to see and learn about. You will however find official brewery writeups, links, release dates, awards and production statuses.

More information on the project con be found on the Victoria Beers Facebook page, Twitter feed, and at

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