Granville Island Imperial IPA Returning Next Month


VANCOUVER, BCGranville Island Brewing is prepping for the third annual release of a popular seasonal brand next month.

Granville Island Imperial IPA is a hefty 8.2% abv & 100 IBU ale that has the following tasting notes provided by the brewery:

Our Imperial India Pale Ale is a hopped-up version of beers made famous during the British Raj over a century ago. Big malt, bold hops and a higher-alcohol content all mean one thing: more flavour. Full bodied with a long bitter finish, it boasts marmalade and citrus peel flavours with a hint of pine.

This year’s edition of Granville Island Imperial IPA will be released in March in a limited run of 650 ml bottles, and will be available at the Granville Island Brewing retail store and select government and private liquor stores in BC.

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