Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale Returns With a Promise of Spring


TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery has announced the release of this year’s batch of Orange Peel Ale, an annual seasonal that returns each year in time for the warmer weather.

Available through the spring and summer months, Orange Peel Ale is described as follows:

Handcrafted with five specialty malts and five varieties of hops, along with just a touch of honey, we added heaps of fresh oranges and peels into the boil. A little different, you say? We sure hope so. Orange Peel Ale balances the unique flavour of oranges with generous amounts of hops to achieve a slightly fruity and refreshing taste.

Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale is available now at the Great Lakes retail store, and will be available soon at select LCBO outlets. In both places, it is being offered in 650 ml bomber bottles.

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