Alexander Keith’s Hop Series Debuts with Cascade and Hallertauer Ales


HALIFAX, NSLabatt Breweries has announced the launch of the Alexander Keith’s Hop Series, a series of single-hop ales intended to highlight the unique aroma and flavour aspects of the particular hop used each beer.

The Series is being kicked off this week with the release of Cascade Hop Ale and Hallertauer Hop Ale, all-malt ales brewed to 5.5% and 5.4% abv respectively, and each named for the individual hop variety used in the recipe. The beers are also dry hopped with their namesake hops during maturation, adding an extra layer of flavour and complexity that is rare in mainstream beer brands.

Alexander Keith’s Cascade Hop Ale and Hallertauer Hop Ale will be available across Canada, with formats and pricing varying from province to province. For availability details in your area, check with local retailers and licensees.

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  1. Nice to see.

    Years ago Keith’s offered a dry hopped Anniversary ale that was one of the best beers I’d ever had.

    Hopefully this approaches that quality.

    I only ever drink Keith’s now when I’m gorging on hot wings.

    • Its delicious! Try it with honey garlic.

  2. How many. Ibu’s ?