Scandal Brewing Launches 7 Wonders Series with Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout


PRINCE GEORGE, BCScandal Brewing, an imprint of Pacific Western Brewing, has announced the launch of 7 Wonders, a series of seven limited edition beers brewed in “tribute to the planet’s most extraordinary features.”

The first in the series is Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout, inspired by the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, the largest bay in the world, and the nearby Sugarloaf Mountain.

From the press release:

Only an 8.5% alc./vol. Chocolate Imperial Stout could do justice to the dark past of Brazil’s cacao market. Brazilian cultivation of the caffeinated plant has mysteriously declined over the past two decades. An homage to the country’s once plentiful cacao production this stout is concocted from a combination of aromatic specialty malts, slowly roasted until caramelized and BC grown two-row barley malt. Creating a smooth and potent brew with distinct dark chocolate notes that finish on a hint of fresh roasted coffee. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the patio or warming up by the fire, the ebony tinted Sugarloaf will complement a hearty stew as delightfully as a chocolate cheesecake.

Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout is being released today in a limited edition run of painted swing-top 750 ml bottles.  It will be available exclusively at private liquor retailers throughout British Columbia.

One thought on “Scandal Brewing Launches 7 Wonders Series with Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout

  1. This is quite a tasty beer, but it’s definitely *not* a proper stout of any kind at all. Thin on dark malt, mouth-feel and head and very red for a stout, it’s actually very much like my own home-brewed nut-brown ale… an “imperial” brew of OG 1.072 that I’ve adapted from Shirley Warne’s original Amsterdam nut-brown in the 1980s.

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