Salt Spring Island Saturnalia Gruit & Creme Brulee Milk Stout Coming Soon


SALT SPRING ISLAND, BCSalt Spring Island Ales has released details of two new beers that will be hitting shelves soon.

Saturnalia Gruit is the brewery’s second gruit – an ancient style of ale made without hops – and is described as follows:

Named for a Roman Festival of mythical revelry, our Saturnalia Gruit is made without hops, using a special blend of herbs and spices. A darker brew with notes of dark chocolate malt, cinnamon and anise, Saturnalia is our second foray into the realm of ancient ‘Gruit’ Ales. Raise a glass of this truly unique beverage and share a toast to independence and eccentricity.

Also due soon from the brewery is Crème Brûlée Milk Stout, an 8% abv milk stout made using organic vanilla beans.

Saturnalia Gruit will be available in 650 ml bottles at select liquor stores on Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island, while Crème Brûlée Milk Stout will be available exclusively at the Liquor Plus chain of private liquor stores in BC.

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  1. Saturnalia? Really?! What a JOKE. Saturn=Satan. A nice satanic blend for all the satanic yin yangs of the West Coast. What do the 3 rabbits represent? A nice tumble down the ‘rabbit hole’?? Pathetic.