King Brewery Releases King Bock As New Seasonal Beer


NOBLETON, ONKing Brewery has announced the release of its first new seasonal beer in quite some time, and as with all of the beers in the King portfolio, it comes from the classic European lager tradition.

The new King Bock is described by brewmaster Phil DiFonzo as follows:

A 6.5% alc lager, Light copper to brown colour, with attractive garnet highlights. Strong malt aroma, with moderate amounts of rich melanoidins and/or toasty overtones. Virtually no hop aroma. This is a well lagered beer, some alcohol may be noticeable but it has great mouthfeel and clean finish. Complex maltiness is dominated by the rich flavors of Munich and Vienna malts, which contribute melanoidins and toasty flavors. Some caramel notes and raisin may be present but no roasted coffee flavors.

King Bock is available now in six packs at the King retail store, and will be offered on draught at select licensees while supplies last.

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