Beer Lovers’ Tour Company Announces Trips to Germany and Mexico


TORONTO, ON – While best known for hosting the Old Toronto Beer Tour, beer industry veteran Oliver Dawson and his Beer Lovers’ Tour Company occasionally offers beer-themed tours to more exotic locales, and two such tours are planned for later this year.

First up on September 28th to October 6th, 2013 will be Kegs & Kathedrals, a guided beer tour of Germany that is described as follows:

Kegs and Kathedrals 2013 is a nine day romp through Germany that includes ‘bucket list’ attractions like Oktoberfest, the BMW museum, Cologne and Heidelberg. But what makes this tour really unique is the off the beaten track places that only the locals really know, like the 300 year old Kreuzberg monastery brewery, the volcanic ‘lagering caves’ in the picturesque Eifel region of Germany and more. Hosted by bilingual beer ambassador and travel guide Oliver Dawson, Kegs and Kathedrals will be a wonderful introduction to the beer culture and history of Germany for the first time traveler. And for the seasoned beer tripper an experience that should top them all!

Following on November 1st to 9th is The Beer Lovers’ Tour of Oaxaca Mexico, a visit to one of North America’s burgeoning craft beer regions, as well as a destination for other great food and drink, as the description shows:

A UNESCO Heritage city, Oaxaca is located in the south central mountains of Mexico and boasts a bounty of architectural wonders from the pre-Columbian to the Colonial. In addition, it is Mexico’s culinary capital and the centre for the production of Mezcal and of course Pulque, the pre-hispanic native beer made from the fruit of the agave. Finally, with the emergence of a local craft-beer culture, this week will be a complete cultural immersion that brings together old and new for a true ‘feast of the senses’. Hosts on the Beer Lovers’ Tour of Oaxaca Mexico will be Oliver Dawson and Alvin Starkman, ex-Toronto resident of Oaxaca who is a leading authority on local culture and history, and the tradition of Mezcal production.

More information on both tours, including pricing, itinerary and other details, can be found on the Beer Lovers’ Tour Company website.

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