Oland Brewery Protests Proposed Water Rate Increases


HALIFAX, ONOland Brewery, the Halifax-based subsidiary of Labatt Brewing that is home to the Alexander Keith’s brands, has filed a complaint with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board over proposed water rate increases that could cost the company more than a million dollars a year.

According to a report in the Chronicle-Herald newspaper, the new rates proposed by the Halifax Regional Municipality would see water rates for the brewery increase by 99% in July of this year, and an additional 33% in April 2014, a much larger increase than the 11.2% and 16.7% increases that will be applied to residential customers.

Also increasing will be surcharges for biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids, with jumps of 396% and 320% respectively.

In the filing, Oland claims that the net result of these increases will be an additional $1,028,000 in costs for the company in comparison to 2012 rates.

It’s unknown what action Oland will take, if any, should the rate increase be approved and applied as requested by the Halifax Water utility.

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