Sawdust City & Fearless Fred Receive Alison Brie’s Blessing For Alison Breer


TORONTO, ON – Thanks to the power of social media, Sam Corbeil of Sawdust City Brewing and radio personality Fearless Fred have received the blessing of actress Alison Brie to name an upcoming collaborative beer after her.

The pair are working together on a beer for the upcoming Session Toronto beer festival, and had decided to brew a raspberry saison that they intend to pair with brie cheese. As both are also fans of Alison Brie, they decided to name the beer Alison Breer, and contacted her publicist to see if she would be able to appear on Fearless Fred’s show on 102.1 The Edge to promote the beer and event.

The initial response was negative, as Fred noted on his April 8th show:

However, once the excerpt above was posted on Twitter with “@alisonbrie” mentioned, the actress quickly replied to show her support:

And a grateful Fearless Fred mentioned Brie’s approval on his show the next day:

Alison Breer will be available to try alongside many other brewery/celebrity collaborations at Session Toronto, taking place on June 22nd at Wychwood Barns.

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