Big Rock Continues Alchemist Edition Series with Erratic Stone-Fired Ale


CALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery has announced the release of the latest installment in the Alchemist Edition series of limited edition one-off beers.

Erratic Stone-Fired Ale is a “modern interpretation of a medieval classic,” and is described as follows:

Emulating a technique developed in the Middle Ages, when brewers couldn’t put direct flame to a wooden kettle, we added super-heated chunks of B.C. granite to the kettle to create our first steinbier. One sip of Erratic Stone-Fired Ale and you’ll discover a totally unique profile. That’s because the super-heated stones, when dropped in the brew, scorched and caramelised some of the malt sugars. Combined with glacier-fed Rocky Mountain water, the granite process imparts a delicious burnt caramel and unusual mineral profile to this unfiltered brew. With the powerful complexity of dark malts, toffee and a hint of smoke, we think Brewmaster Paul’s take on the historical steinbier is a rare treat.

Erratic Stone-Fired Ale was released yesterday in a limited run of 3,300 swing-top 750 ml bottles, and will be available at select retail outlets in Alberta while supplies last. Store availability can be checked using the beer finder page on the Big Rock website.

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