Liberty Village Brewing Announces Release of Debut Beer


TORONTO, ON – It doesn’t yet have a permanent home in its namesake Toronto neighbourhood, but that isn’t stopping Liberty Village Brewing from releasing the first commercial batch of its flagship brand next week.

Brewed under contract at Junction Craft Brewery while the location search continues, 504 Pale Ale is named for the 504 King streetcar that runs across the northern edge of Liberty Village. Selected as the favourite of several test beers served at preview events last November, 504 is a 4.8% abv and 33 IBU ale that is brewed and dry hopped with Citra and Czech Saaz hops.

Liberty Village 504 Pale Ale will be officially unveiled next Wednesday April 24th at 5:00 PM with a launch party and 25 Liberty Restaurant. It will remain on tap exclusively at 25 Liberty through the spring, before going into wider release this summer.

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