Participating Breweries Announced for The Canadian Craft Beer Collaboration


VICTORIA, BC – As announced here on CBN last month, one of the highlights of next week’s Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference in Victoria is expected to be The Canadian Craft Beer Collaboration, a brew day at Phillips Brewing featuring participants from breweries all across Canada.

The full list of breweries taking part has now been released, and it consists of 25 breweries from 6 different provinces, including:

  • Canoe Brewpub (B.C.)
  • Church Key Brewing Co. (Ontario)
  • Coal Harbour Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Dead Frog Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Driftwood Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Garrison Brewing Co. (Nova Scotia)
  • Granville Island Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. (Ontario)
  • Half Pints Brewing Co. (Manitoba)
  • Howe Sound Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Jasper Brewing Co. (Alberta)
  • Lighthouse Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Moon Under Water Brewpub (B.C.)
  • Muskoka Brewing Co. (Ontario)
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Phillips Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Picaroons Traditional Ales (New Brunswick)
  • R & B Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Spinnakers Brewpub (B.C.)
  • Steamworks Brewpub (B.C.)
  • Tofino Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Townsite Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Tree Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Vancouver Island Brewing Co. (B.C.)
  • Wild Rose Brewing Co. (Alberta)

Also revealed are some details about the beer that the group will be creating:

The beer itself will bring together ingredients from local brewing regions across Canada, like Red Fife wheat from Ontario and natural Wildflower honey from Alberta, into an imperial Witbier christened the Red and White Wit. Each brewery is contributing a little piece of the recipe, with the final draft-only release expected in the Victoria area in early June. Full proceeds will be donated to a cause but the specifics haven’t been worked out yet; being brewers the group resolved to answer that question the best way they know how: over a beer.

The Canadian Craft Beer Collaboration brewing session will take place at Phillips Brewing on Friday May 10th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

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