Black Creek Continues Historic Beers of Canada Series With Montgomery’s Courage


TORONTO, ONBlack Creek Historic Brewery has announced the release of the third beer in its “Historic Beers of Canada” series.

Following on Rifleman’s Ration, released last June to commemorate the War of 1812, and Dray Horse Ale, issued last November in honour of the many canals built in Ontario in the 1820s, the new beer – Montgomery’s Courage – is a rye ale that looks back at the 1830s:

In the 1830s, the separate colonies of Upper and Lower Canada both revolted against unjust government rule. Economic hardships emboldened rebels whose pursuit of democratic freedoms had long been suppressed. Although both rebellions were defeated, Upper and Lower Canada were unified as a result, and responsible local government was enacted in Canada. In 1837, Toronto’s Montgomery’s Tavern became the base for a rebellious force led by William Lyon Mackenzie. It was quickly defeated. Possibly the rebels courage was due in large part to their consumption of the tavern’s fine ales. In the 1830s, rye based ales like Montgomery’s Courage were in abundance. This amber ale is lightly carbonated and balanced to favour a slightly bitter hopping while delivering peppery, spicy notes with a bouquet reminiscent of ripe apples or calvados.

Black Creek Montgomery’s Courage will be available until September at select LCBO locations, retailing for $3.95 per 500 ml bottle.

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