Beau’s Assists Beyond The Pale with Equipment Loan


OTTAWA, ON – In a great example of the “pay it forward” principle, Beau’s All Natural Brewing has loaned four disused brewing vessels to Beyond The Pale Brewing in exchange for a case of beer.

While it is now one of Ontario’s largest and most successful craft breweries, Beau’s started out in 2006 as a small contract brewing operation, and depended on help from breweries such as Church-Key Brewing to get started.

Now, two fermenters and two brite tanks from the original Beau’s brewhouse which was replaced in an expansion last year will allow the upstart Beyond The Pale to meet the high demand for their beer in Ottawa by increasing capacity by 80%. Payment to Beau’s for this long term equipment loan was a case of Hop on Your Face IPA.

The tanks were removed from the Beau’s facility in Vankleek Hill yesterday, and will be installed at Beyond The Pale as soon as possible.

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