Big Rock Continues Alchemist Edition Series with Cherazz Belgian-Style Fruit Beer


CALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery has announced the release of the latest installment in the Alchemist Edition series of limited edition one-off beers.

Cherazz is a Belgian-style ale that was aged for six weeks on cherries and raspberries. It’s described by the brewery as follows:

When the first frenzied bubbles of the new Big Rock Cherazz glissade across your eager taste buds, your senses will quiver at the sensational fusion of cherry, raspberry, and delicious Belgian yeast. This is the flavor of pure spring, the fresh splash of optimism, rebirth, and sweet renewal, crashing in a refreshing wave across your thirsty tongue. Sweet dark cherries spin a sultry pirouette with red tart cherries, coaxing the smooth malt blend into a velvety flavor that titillates as it quenches. The suggestive hint of raspberry is almost bashful at first, sidling up quietly beside the cherries, then ultimately charming you with their puckish demeanor.

Big Rock Cherazz will be available exclusively on draught at select bars and restaurants in Alberta while supplies last.

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