Bell City Brewing Set to Launch This Week


BRANTFORD, ON – Ontario’s rapidly growing craft brewing community is expanding once again this week, with the official launch of Bell City Brewing in Brantford.

Named for telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell who lived in Brantford for many years, Bell City is currently producing beer under contract at another established brewery, but the partners intend to set up their own facility in Brantford as soon as possible.

The brewery will be launching with Eureka Cream Ale, which is described as follows:

This pre-prohibition Cream Ale is a smooth full flavored ale that will appeal to your casual craft beer drinker and to craft beer lovers. At 5.9%, this sessionable beer can carry a bit more bitterness than your typical lawnmower cream ale. The added wheat malt gives it the creamy body and wonderful lacing to the last drop. With 4 malts and a blend of 4 hops, including Sorachi Ace and Bravo, this Cream Ale is really how Cream Ale used to be.

Bell City Eureka Cream Ale will be debuted this coming weekend at the Brews ‘n’ Bands Festival at The Casbah in Hamilton, and it will be a regular selection on tap at Zander’s Fire Grill & Brew Lounge in Brantford starting June 1st.

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