Mike Buhler Named First Cicerone in Atlantic Canada


NEW MELBOURNE, NL – Beverage consultant Mike Buhler has become the first person in Atlantic Canada to pass the written and tasting examinations needed to be named a Certified Cicerone, the beer world equivalent of being a Sommelier.

Buhler is the 14th Canadian to receive Cicerone certification. In addition to his consulting work, he is the founder and beer selector of Beerthief.ca, a specialty beer club for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.

One thought on “Mike Buhler Named First Cicerone in Atlantic Canada

  1. Thank you for the recognition, Tom Beckett and I are doing our best to bring more choices of good beer to our members in Newfoundland and with almost 1300 members already I think they are thirsty.

    We welcome anyone who wants to join in to stop by and visit our beer themed forum at beerthief.ca.


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