Steam Whistle Now Offering Home Delivery Through Grocery Gateway


TORONTO, ONSteam Whistle Brewing has announced a partnership with Grocery Gateway, the delivery service of the Longo’s grocery chain, that will allow Steam Whistle Pilsner to be delivered to homes as part of regular grocery orders.

Available in several formats including 12 packs of bottles, 6 packs of cans, and single 500 ml cans, the beer is promised to be delivered “fresh and chilled”. It will be picked up from the brewery each day for deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area as well as several other regions in Southern Ontario that are covered by the service.

Grocery Gateway requires a minimum order of $45, and adds an $11.95 delivery fee to any order. There will also be a fee of 50 cents for each single can, and $1.50 for 6 and 12 packs, which will be included in the quoted retail price of the beer.

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