Kichesippi Wuchak IPA Series Continues With Wuchak Throwback


OTTAWA, ONKichesippi Beer Co. has announced details of the next release in the Wuchak Series of seasonal IPA releases.

Named after the Algonquin word for “groundhog” – and source of the English word “woodchuck” – the Wuchak series has so far included Wuchak Black, a black IPA released last winter, and Wuchak Polaris, a German-influenced edition that was available through the spring.

Coming up next is Wuchak Throwback, which is described as follows:

Wuchak Throwback is a medium amber coloured West Coast IPA at 6.2% alc./vol. and 72 IBUs. We used only Cluster hops from Washington state and pitched them at 6 different times in the kettle. Very few breweries use Cluster hops anymore. However, it was the main hop of choice of a lot of breweries right up until the late 80s. We thought we would bring back a little hop history in making the Wuchak Throwback. The West Coast malts and the multiple hop additions give this West Coast IPA a refreshing balance of aroma, flavour and bitterness.

Wuchak Throwback is limited to a single batch of 1600 litres, and will be available starting Thursday June 13th in growlers at the Kichesippi retail store, and on tap at select bars and restaurants in Ottawa and area.

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