Collective Arts Brewing Looking for Label Artists for Upcoming Debut Release


TORONTO, ON – A unique new project aiming to bring together the worlds of craft beer and modern art will be debuting in Toronto this fall, and the organizers are looking for contributors to help it come to life.

Collective Arts Brewing will be releasing its first beer – Rhyme & Reason Pale Ale – on September 9th, and it will feature a series of limited edition labels featuring art in a variety of mediums.

The company currently has a call for art, photography, music and film open until July 1st, and 90 submissions will be selected by jury to be featured on the labels, either as images in the case of art and photos, or via the Blippar platform for audio and visual content.

Further details on the beer and launch plans are expected to be announced later this summer.


5 thoughts on “Collective Arts Brewing Looking for Label Artists for Upcoming Debut Release

  1. Is this legit or just a way to get artists to design labels for free? I think it’s in poor taste, hope their beer is better. Most art schools are teaching their students to avoid this type of publicity but this is probably the wrong forum for that discussion.

  2. Howdy!

    Besides wanting the work for free they aren’t even offering any beer. Not a good deal in any form.

    1. You know what else looks good on a resume – paid jobs. The “it will be great for your resume” argument gets really old after you hear it time and time again. A resume full of contest and free work screams “sucker” more than it does “good business person”.

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