Triple Bogey Brewing Preparing to Tee Off in Ontario


TORONTO, ON – It seems that sports-themed breweries may be on their way to becoming a trend in Ontario, as the baseball lovers at Left Field Brewery are about to be joined in the market by another beer inspired by a popular summer sport.

Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Company is a new venture from Geoff Tait, previously co-owner of golf apparel company Quagmire. The new company will be continuing the production of golf clothing and gear, but its main focus will be beer brand that is the first in Canada to be targeted specifically at the golfing community.

Triple Bogey Premium Lager is a 5% abv beer that is described as a “crisp, refreshing blonde lager”. It’s currently being brewed under contract at Great Lakes Brewery, and is being previewed at select events, with LCBO distribution in 473 ml cans planned to start soon.

For more details, see the Triple Bogey website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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  1. Seems unnecessary. Is there a real shortage of “crisp, refreshing blonde” lagers out there?

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