Parallel 49 Announces Next Pair of Limited Edition Releases


VANCOUVER, BC – Just a couple of weeks after the release of two seasonal beers that were connected by the colour red, Parallel 49 Brewing has announced two more limited run brews that will be available soon.

Snap, Crackle, Hop is a 9.3% abv and 70 IBU Imperial IPA that has been brewed with rice in addition to barley malt, and is briefly described as follows:

Pour this medium bodied Imperial IPA for a bit of snap and crackle – and plenty of hop. Brewed with Motueka hops from New Zealand, it starts dry and finishes crisp.


Crane Kick is a 5.8% abv and 37 IBU pilsner that has the following printed on the label:

If someone tries to sweep your legs, offer them this lemony, single hop pilsner brewed with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops. It will distract them long enough for you to embark on months of intense and thoughtful Karate training (or run away).

Both beers will be available soon in 650 ml bottles at the Parallel 49 retail store and select private liquor stores in BC.

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