Creemore Springs Brings Back Altbier Collaboration Ale


CREEMORE, ONCreemore Springs Brewery has announced the return of a seasonal beer that was originally released last year for the brewery’s 25th anniversary.

Creemore Springs Altbier is a traditional German-style ale brewed with the help of Düsseldorf’s historic Zum Schlüssel brewpub. Creemore Springs brewmaster Gordon Fuller and head brewer Bryan Egan visited Zum Schlüssel in early 2012 to learn about altbier in the city where it was born, and the brewers there generously shared some of their centuries-old proprietary yeast which was used to brew Creemore’s version of the style.

The limited edition collaborative beer is described as follows:

Altbier is a clean-tasting, copper-colored ale with a finely balanced, noble hop bitterness and a rich, almost nutty maltiness. In the finish, it impresses with gently lingering hop aroma. The unique character of the Altbier stems largely from the special yeast with which it is fermented. Altbier yeast ferments the beer very slowly at a very low temperature (cold-fermented). After fermentation, Altbier, unlike normal ales, is matured and mellowed for several weeks close to the freezing point. In other words, in the cellar, Altbier is treated more like a lager than an ale.

Creemore Springs Altbier is available now in 473 ml cans at the brewery retail store in Creemore. It will soon be available at LCBO and Beer Store locations throughout Ontario, and at the Beer Academy retail store in Toronto.

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