Driftwood Releases Gose-uh as Latest Seasonal


VICTORIA, BCDriftwood Brewery has announced the release of a rarely seen wheat beer style as its newest seasonal beer.

Driftwood Gose-uh – a name that illustrates how the style name, Gose, is pronounced – is described as follows:

Gose was first brewed in the early 16th century in the town of Goslar where the style gets it’s name. It became so popular in Leipzig, that local breweries started to make it themselves. Originally, Gose was spontaneously-fermented, however brewers worked out how to achieve the same effect by using a combination of top-fermenting yeast and lacto bacillus bacteria and when the beer was filled into the characteristic long-necked bottles (illustrated on our label) the beer began a secondary fermentation where a plug of yeast would rise up the neck and naturally seal the bottle. Our version of Gose is brewed in a very traditional method (without the yeast plug) and presents as dry, tart, effervesent and citrusy. It is an amazing refresher on a hot summer’s day!

Driftwood Gose-uh will be available soon at select private liquor retailers in BC and the Driftwood retail store.

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