Labatt Launches Budweiser Crown in Canada


TORONTO, ONLabatt Breweries has announced the release of Budweiser Crown in Canada.

The brand, which has been available in the US for several months under the name Budweiser Black Crown, is a 6.0% abv golden lager that is described as follows:

Budweiser Crown is brewed with a blend of 2 & 6 row pale and caramel malts imparting a rich flavour and amber colour. It delivers a smooth clean finish with a balance of slight fruitiness and floral hop aromas derived from a signature blend of 4 different hops. The aroma is rounded by a slightly sweet and moderately bitter taste. Budweiser Crown has its own unique taste, while also featuring the quality and consistency that Budweiser is known for, and using the original Budweiser yeast strain from 1876.

Budweiser Crown is available now in a variety of formats and sizes at beer and liquor stores across the country.

2 thoughts on “Labatt Launches Budweiser Crown in Canada

  1. Been getting friends to bring Black Crown over the border. Got my first cases of Crown from a friendly DC before they hit the stores. Now its in stores locally. Hope this is not a temporary thing like some soft drink company with their cherry and throwback beverages!!

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