Big Rock Brewmaster’s Edition Series Continues with Life Of Chai Spiced Ale


CALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery has announced the release of the latest installment in the Brewmaster’s Edition series of specialty beers.

Life of Chai is a spiced amber ale that is described as follows:

A complex yet whimsical blend of nine heavenly spices atop a quartet of superlative malts and a perfectly-balanced mix of Galena and Willimette hops. Paul [Gautreau, Big Rock brewmaster] wanted each spice to have its say: the smoky, cool cardamom, the sultry yet approachable rose petals, the plucky poke of ginger – nine spices in all. But while each individual flavor-note may wave its own unique flag, the tapestry they form together is a formidable weave of bravery and wisdom, a mouthful of moksha – salvation via unparalleled flavor. Carbonation is low, the mouthfeel is a perfect medium, and the flavor is delightfully high. Life of Chai is the ideal blend of sensory stimulation and polished refreshment.

Life of Chai is available now in liquor stores throughout Alberta.

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