Barley Days Royal George Brown Ale Awarded CCBA 2012 Label of the Year


WINNIPEG, MB – The Collectors of Canadian Brewery Advertising (CCBA), Canada’s national organization for collectors of brewery memorabilia, has selected Barley Days Royal George Brown Ale as winner of its 2012 Label of the Year award. The label features a painting by Canadian artist Peter Rindlisbacher..

The announcement was made during the 34th annual CCBA convention which was held last month in Winnipeg, MB. The award has been presented annually since 1983 to recognize achievement in beer label design.

In a statement regarding the award, the CCBA noted that “Mr. Rindlisbacher’s painting, entitled Royal George Battle Off Kingston, commemorates the day in November 1812 when the H.M.S. Royal George, the largest warship on Lake Ontario, raced to Kingston harbour after being intercepted by a squadron of seven ships and with the help of shore batteries, resisted an attack by American forces.”

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