Craft Beer Importers Announces Craft BeerAdvent Calendar 2013


CALGARY, AB – Premium beer import agency Craft Beer Importers has announced the upcoming release of its 2nd annual Craft BeerAdvent Calendar, with this year’s edition featuring a selection of beer from North America.

The unique gift pack includes 10 craft beers from Canada, 13 from the United States, and 1 from Mexico – although just like the chocolate-filled advent calendars we got as kids, the exact contents are a surprise until each compartment is opened, preferably one per day starting on December 1st leading up to Christmas Eve.

The 2013 edition of the Craft BeerAdvent Calendar will be available starting next week in private liquor stores in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, at later this month at select MLCC locations in Manitoba, and via pre-order at NLC stores in Newfoundland. The full release is limited to approximately 8700 packages, and it is expected to sell out quickly.

For more details, see the Craft BeerAdvent Calendar page on Facebook.

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