District Brewing Launching Later This Month in Regina


REGINA, SK – After many months of planning with several setbacks along the way, Regina’s first full-scale craft brewery will be releasing its first beer later this month.

District Brewing is being launched by Byron Wiebe and Jay Cooke – the latter a brewmaster with more than a decade of experience at breweries large and small – along with partners Bill Cooke, Darcy Uhersky and Tom Moore. This is the second iteration of the project for Wiebe and Cooke following a failed attempt with different partners last year, and the launch was delayed from the spring due to a property ownership dispute over the building where the brewery is located.

With those troubles behind them, District is now preparing to release the first batch of its flagship brand. Müs Knuckle is a German-style pale lager that Wiebe describes in an interview with CLME Radio as “an easy, drinkable – but a little more hoppy and better tasting – beer to try to transition people into that craft beer market.” Weibe also notes that “more experimental” beers will follow once the first brand has been established.

Müs Knuckle is expected to be released in the last week of September. It will be available at approximately 60 bars and pubs in Regina, and at SLGA stores in 6- and 12-packs. For more details, see the District Brewing Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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