Full Details Announced for Cask Days 2013


TORONTO, ON – While its ever-increasing popularity means that the majority of tickets to Toronto’s annual Cask Days festival are sold well before full event details are revealed, the announcement of those details this week will still be sure to help increase anticipation for the weekend-long celebration of cask ale.

Taking place on October 19th and 20th at the Evergreen Brick Works, Cask Days 2013 has now been confirmed to be the biggest installment yet, with 223 casks set to be on hand from 124 breweries.

Breweries from all across Canada will be represented – including approximately 100 beers from Ontario, 40 from Quebec, 17 from Alberta, 14 from the Maritimes, 15 from British Columbia and 5 from Manitoba – and a special International Brewery area will feature 38 cask ales from 26 UK breweries.

Other Cask Days highlights will include:

  • An area dedicated to ciders & gluten-free ales.
  • Tastings & guided tours led by beer writer Stephen Beaumont
  • A food program headed by chef Grant van Gameren of Bar Isabel
  • A showdown between the Final Four beers from the IPA Challenge held earlier this year at barVolo.
  • An exhibition of artwork by local artist Kellen Hatanaka.

For more information, or to purchase one of the few remaining tickets, visit the Cask Days website.

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