Phillips Puzzler & Kaleidoscope Return For The Fall


VICTORIA, BCPhillips Brewing has announced the return of two very different IPAs as autumn seasonals.

Puzzler Belgian Black IPA is a 7.3% abv dark and hoppy ale that is described as follows:

Originally pieced together with our friends at Great Lakes Brewing, this puzzle was too good to keep on the shelf. Midnight roasted malt, Belgian yeast, and American hops fit together as a rich, deep-bodied beer full of roasted and hoppy flavour. The last move is simple; remove cap to solve.

Kaleidoscope Mosaic IPA is a more traditional take on the style, checking in at 6.5% abv and having the following notes from the brewery:

Kaleidoscope debuted earlier this summer but was snatched up before your sunburn could turn into a tan. But, as fellow fans of hammocks, we didn’t want to exclude the tardy from the party, so we’re bringing back this tropical fruit IPA punch to the palate for a second trip around the sun.

Puzzler and Kaleidoscope are both available now in 650 ml bottles at select private liquor stores in BC, with Puzzler also on the shelves at the BC Liquor chain.

A release tasting for both beers will take place today (September 19th) from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in the Phillips tasting room (2010 Government St., Victoria)

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