Big Rock Launches Two New Beers in Family Jewels Mixed Pack


CALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery has announced the release of a new mixed pack that pairs up two new beers with two from the brewery’s year-round selection.

Family Jewels is a new sampler 12-pack that includes three bottles each of the classic Traditional Ale (5% abv & 20 IBU) and Scottish Style Heavy Ale (7% abv & 17 IBU), and the brand new Monkey’s Fist Royal IPA (7.5% abv & 73 IBU) and Gerstemeister Marzen (5.5% abv & 19 IBU).

The two new brews are described as follows:

Monkey’s Fist Royal IPA has a rick and complex character, including four devious and flavourful varieties of hops, a lusty Maris Otter malt with an intriguing past, and a sensuous caramel malt with her own secrets to hide.

Gerstemeister Marzen is Big Rock’s delightful new Oktoberfest brew which possesses centuries of tradition in every sparkling bubble. Gerstemeister inspired quartet of sapid malts will prompt your stein-toting arm to sway in time to the oompah-driven progression of flavours – from rich and malty to a refreshing hoppy finish.

Big Rock Family Jewels is being rolled out now, and will be available throughout the fall in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

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