Creemore Springs Expands Distribution of Mad & Noisy to British Columbia


CREEMORE, ONCreemore Springs Brewery has announced that the flagship brand from its off-shoot label Mad & Noisy Brewing is now available in British Columbia.

Hops and Bolts India Pale Lager – a 5.3% well-hopped lager that is “a Czech twist on an English IPA” – has the following descriptive notes provided by the brewery:

Hops and Bolts uses five different kinds of West Coast and UK hops – Glacier, Willamette, Target, Columbus and Cascade – on a foundation of traditional lager yeast that has been fermented over a long cold period. The result is the sessionability of a lager bolted to the big hop character of an IPA. Hops and Bolts IPL is a bit lighter than an IPA, but a bit fuller than your golden lager, featuring a pithy bitterness that blends to a silky balancing malt sweetness. In the glass, you’ll see a slight unfiltered haze which settles to a bright orange-cedar colour and a dense, lingering off-white head. The big hoppy aroma features a blend of light tropical fruits and bold piney and grassy notes.

Mad & Noisy Hops and Bolts is being debuted in BC as a draught-only release, available at Malones and other select establishments for a limited time.

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