Great Lakes Continues Tank Ten Series with Etobichoker


TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery has announced the latest release in the Tank Ten series of limited edition beers, and it’s one that honours both the brewery’s location and the upcoming Hallowe’en season.

Etobichoker Double Belgian IPA features a name derived from Etobicoke, the region of Toronto where Great Lakes is situated, and a humorously horror-filled back story:

Legend has it Etobichoker rose from the depths of the Humber River terrorizing Etobicokers and haunting their children’s dreams. Overwrought citizens everywhere from Sherway Gardens to Long Branch still report sightings of the hideous monster daily. Turns out, Etobichoker is one of those oft-misunderstood monsters who simply loves hops for their pungent aromas and flavours of pine, tropical fruit and resin. Just like the rest of us.

Etobichoker is available now exclusively at the Great Lakes retail store, in 473 ml cans selling for $4, while supplies last.

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