Railcar Brewing Announces New Location & Aims for 2014 Opening


FLORENCEVILLE-BRISTOL, NBRailcar Brewing, a new brewery being founded by homebrewer Mitch Biggar, will no longer be located in its namesake Railcar #3 on the Shogomoc Historical Railway Site as originally planned, but will instead be setting up shop elsewhere in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick.

According to a recent post on Facebook – the same place where it was announced in August that the original location had fallen through – Biggar reports that he has confirmed a new spot at 9172 Main Street in Florenceville-Bristol. Measuring 58 by 26 feet, the space will accommodate a large tasting room and retail space along with the brewery, and railway memorabilia will be used as decor to keep with the brewery name which will be retained despite the change of venue.

Assuming no further delays, Biggar intends to have the bar and retail area before the end of the year, with a selection of craft beers from other breweries available while brewery construction takes place through early 2014, after which on-site beer production will begin.

For more details, see the the Railcar Brewing Facebook group.

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